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Good stuff this

Makes reading Honest John as easy as pie

Buggy, incomplete, frequently unable to update

Where to start? This app looks good but thats the only positive. Problems: - It crashes far too frequently. - Many photos cannot be found after clicking the thumbnail. - Articles are often missing large chunks without any notice or placeholders. One assumes these would have been quotes, graphics or tables in the original but its only a guess. - No manual update feature. Nor can you customise the frequency of updates. -- Honest John seems to update only every two weeks at most. -- Photos has never updated since I downloaded this app a year ago. I am well aware that at times you have to count to ten to wait for the auto update to kick in. This app is simply abysmal. Contrast with the far superior Le Monde app.

Previous version bettrer....

Lots of "loading" screens; Navigation MUCH better before....

Goes from strength to strength

Thanks for this great app and quality journalism. Nice clear layout is perfect on small ipod Touch screen. Well done!

Doesnt work any more.

Since a couple of days its been very slow to update and now nothing at all. Disappointing because it was useful especially for an expat in France.


Regularly crashes. Good job i didnt pay for it. Amazing that a reputable paper has such a hopeless app.

Always crashing

Crashes constantly - it only works for me about once a week. Plus there was more content on the old app - lifestyle and features articles - but these are no longer included. Really glad I didnt have to pay for this app and even as a free app it should be a lot better.


Covers the topics I am interested in

Instantly uninstalled

Although DTs editorial content can be praised, submitting a subscription before one even reads an article is just bad marketing... Check Apples guidelines on ergonomics and economics... please... :-)

Its rubbish

Frankly, this latest version is a backwards step. Articles now take ages to load (even with wifi) and it, very annoyingly, keeps on asking me to log in. Its SO frustrating that Ive seriously thought about ending my subscription. . . Come on Telegraph - you must be able to do better than this for an upgrade.


Easy to read, even offline.

Always in line with my opinion and gives me the latest important news in a correct way.



Outstanding news app.


Great look and simple to find what interested me.

The Very Best

of english papers. Load, read & taste. Since update OS4 program is off.

not working with iOS 4

it´s not working with iOS 4 anymore, that´s a shame :(

Does not work

Since the latest update it has not been working unfortunately.

Not working anymore...

Since the last update, not working anymore :-/

Subscription only from v4.0

This is probably a nice improvement, but the only way to find out is to subscribe. Ill be using al-jazeeras free app from now on.


Diddint even agree to the terms of use, not worth the risk. Wahoo first review for this app!

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